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Kimono Export - Japanese Kimono, Haori, Juban, Obi and other items exported worldwide
 Kimono Export exports kimono, haori, obi, juban and other Japanese items from Osaka to anywhere in the world
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Geisha at the Autumn Festival

We are a trading company that exports vintage and used Kimono worldwide.

From our business location in Nagoya, Japan we deliver Japanese garments to our clients in Japan, Asia, Europe, the Americas as well as Australia.

We can offer you all kinds of Kimono: Irotomesode, Kurotomesode, Furisode, Komon, Uchikake, Houmongi, Tsukesage, Haori, Michiuki, Obi, Juban and accessories as well as Kimono and Haori for men and children.

About Japanese Clothing:

Japanese clothes differ greatly from Western garments: The cut is very simple, almost one-size-fits-all, and has remained fairly unchanged for about 1000 years, but pattern, fabric and colours convey subtle meaning about age, sex, season and status of the wearer.


The kimono is the formal, traditional attire for Japanese people. The rules for wearing a kimono formally correct and in the traditional way are very complex. In fact, those rules are so complex that there are schools that teach Japanese women how to wear a kimono and how to tie the obi, because the kimono is no longer the "every-day" dress.

If you plan to wear a kimono simply because it is a beautiful piece of clothing then knowing a few essential rules makes it even more fun. On our page Contact we provide you with links to other pages where you can learn more about kimono and the art to wear them.

Simple Rules:

Please enjoy the stroll through our catalogue and thank you for visiting: Domo Arigato! Katsuhiro Higashi, Manager


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